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We are KOA Digital

An Adelaide based digital strategy & marketing consultancy

KOA Digital offers clients experienced digital marketing consulting, combined with the delivery capabilities of an agency – without the large agency overheads.

Founder Amanda Bubner brings a unique mix of integrity, energy and experience to her clients. She supports her clients to move forward through uncertainty, with clear practical advice and uses her diverse network to make things happen. 

Amanda gets a kick out of working with great people, and empowering businesses to reach their potential through the best digital & marketing strategies.

What does KOA Mean?

Koa is a treasured Hawaiian tree and the wood from the tree represents integrity and strength. When a new partnership is created, Koa wood is given as a gift, as it’s these qualities that all great partnerships are built upon.

Our Team


Amanda Bubner

Director & Digital Strategist

Specialises In - Digital Marketing Strategy, Business Growth Consulting, eCommerce, B2B Marketing, B2C Marketing, Content Creation, Social Media Strategy, website development

Amanda Bubner is the Founder & Digital Strategist at KOA Digital. Amanda gets excited about technology, marketing, business and helping people – KOA Digital is the intersection where all those interests overlap.

Prior to KOA Digital, Amanda spent 10 years working in the surf industry where she worked her way up to the Digital Manager role at Surfing Australia. Responsible for building a suite of new national products & eCommerce websites, creating and monetizing content platforms & member databases.

In 2016 Amanda launched Mazarine Aqua an eCommerce site for women’s swimwear which led to the creation of her YouTube channel which has now taught over 2 million people to surf, as well as 20k social media following on Instagram.

Her formal marketing qualifications, include an undergraduate degree in business management from the University of South Australia, a certificate of digital marketing from ADMA but she doesn’t consider herself a ‘classically trained’ marketer. She has learnt her craft with her own skin in the game and money on the line. You never forget the research, decisions, successes and lessons that come when you are managing your own business. This makes her resourceful and respectful of the demands on her clients as well as gives her the ability to see the bigger picture.

Amanda’s other passion is surfing, a pursuit that has taken her all over the world. She is most at ease in the water, especially when the waves are a bit bigger – in that focused state-of-mind where the situation requires calm evaluation of the variables, and decisions that balance risk and reward under pressure. This naturally translates into her professional approach.

Returning to Adelaide from the East Coast in 2017, Amanda is excited to bring her digital skills and experience to Adelaide businesses.

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