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When done right, Google Ads are an essential part of your marketing strategy.

If you’ve engaged a Google Ads Agency in the past and found the results underwhelming, it’s likely because of suboptimal execution. The true potential of Google Ads shines through when managed by experts who meticulously understand and optimise every aspect, combined with the finesse of professional copywriters. This approach has consistently demonstrated its success as an effective digital strategy for service-based businesses. Let’s unlock the full revenue potential of your digital marketing. 

Google Ads work faster than SEO

By paying directly for exposure to your target audience, Google Ads put you in front of potential customers when they’re actively searching for your product or service.

Get a second chance with website visitors

Retargeting campaigns keep your ads visible to users after they’ve left your site, so you’ll be front-of-mind when they’re ready to make a purchase.

Know exactly what’s working and what isn’t

We can track your Google Ads to get instant insights on clicks, views, costs, and profits. With less guesswork, we can quickly capitalise on and measure what gets results and see ROI.

We track every click, impression and conversation to provide an accurate ROI. With less guesswork, we can quickly measure and capitalise on results allowing you to scale your business.

We’ll create on-brand campaigns and watch them closely

PPC is a powerful marketing tool – but it’s easy to pour money away when you’re not sure what you’re doing.

We take care of the full process, creating magnetic ads that showcase your product and speak your audience’s language.

By testing and reporting throughout your ad campaigns, we’ll make data-driven decisions to get the most out of your spend and turn those clicks into customers. 

PPC services can be run for LinkedIn Ads, an advertising platform used for paid social campaigns on LinkedIn (perfect for B2B businesses!), while Google Ads is used to run search & display ads across search engines. 


Generate consistent leads for your business


There are various types of Google Ads that can significantly impact the overall success of your campaign. By assessing your objectives and understanding the best approach to reach your target audience, our team will help you select the most suitable ad format to meet your requirements:

  • Search Ads: These appear above organic search results on Google and other engines, connecting you with customers actively seeking your services.
  • Display Ads: Found on partner websites and in the Google Display Network, these allow you to incorporate eye-catching images to enhance brand visibility.
  • Video Ads: Leveraging Google’s ownership of YouTube, you can engage a highly involved audience. These video ads come in various subcategories and can be shown before, during, or after content.
  • Retargeting Ads: Using Google’s remarketing tag on your website, you can track previous visitors as they browse the web and re-engage with them, increasing conversion chances. Well-timed reminders are key to securing leads.

The beauty of Google Ads lies in its flexibility. The cost is ultimately in your hands, but there are tailored recommendations for your business’s unique needs. Budgets can vary monthly, and we always recommend starting with an Ad spend of at least least $2,000 per month. 

Aiming for top ad placements with competitive keywords might require a larger investment. At KOA Digital, we priortise transparency with clear cost estimates. We collaborate closely to craft a cost-effective strategy, utilising real-time bidding based on contextual cues like time, location, and device for ROI optimisation.

Our advanced forecasting techniques leverage seasonal trends and customer behaviors to reduce cost-per-click. Continuous analysis ensures your budget is maximised effectively.

Measuring Google Ads performance is like fine-tuning a well-oiled machine. It’s essential for optimising leads and conversions, even though the abundance of data can seem overwhelming, especially for newcomers. So, where to begin?

Start with the click-through rate (CTR), a simple indicator of how many engage with your ads. Cost-per-conversion is another crucial metric, showing spending per conversion.

Monitoring metrics like impression share, return on ad spend (ROAS), and cost-per-action (CPA) is equally vital. At KOA Digital, transparency is central. We ensure you understand how your budget is allocated and provide valuable insights for refining your strategy.

Anyone can create a Google Ads account. But, making sure you’re using your budget effectively and not wasting spend is another challenge altogether. If you lack the technical know-how, partnering with a Google Ads Agency can save you time, money, and stress.

At KOA Digital, our marketing experts specialise in Google Ads and have a proven track record of growing businesses.

Delegating your Google Ads management to an agency offers several advantages, including access to our industry insights, and freeing up your time to focus on other aspects of your business. With us, you’ll sidestep the learning curve and achieve rapid, effective results.

Google Ads is well-suited for service-based businesses seeking to connect with their target audience. With potential clients actively searching for services like yours on a regular basis, a strategically tailored Google Ads campaign can be a game-changer.

By tailoring your approach to different stages of the customer journey, you can spark awareness, generate interest, and drive action effectively across all stages of the marketing funnel.

Embarking on your Google Ads journey, while it may seem like a daunting task, is a well-structured process that we’ll guide you through every step of the way.

  1. We begin by setting up your account with advanced features in ‘Expert Mode.’
  2. We clarify your campaign objectives.
  3. Select the Right Ad Type. Choose from Search, Display, Shopping, Video, App, or Smart campaigns, tailored to your goals.
  4. We narrow down your audience’s location and language.
  5. Set your budget and choose the right keywords for effective ad groups.

“Working with KOA has been great for our business! From early on, they have demonstrated an unmatched level of professionalism, creativity, and strategic thinking. Their team took the time to truly understand our brand and goals, and they have crafted a tailored marketing strategy that exceeded our expectations. Not only did they increase our online visibility and engagement, but also helped us generate more leads. If you’re looking for a marketing partner that delivers results and goes above and beyond, look no further than KOA. They’re simply the best in the business!”

Jaene McKnight
Business Operations Manager
Rowe Partners

We have loved working in partnership with KOA Digital to deliver Future Energy Week. The team at KOA Digital have been a pleasure to work with from a standing start to a sell out event! The team have been delightful, inventive, creative, and conscientious in all their interactions. We look forward to working with them again soon.

Saffron Simpson
Project Manager
Future Energy Week

Wellbeing SA engaged KOA Digital to undertake a review of agency digital platforms, including website and social media channels, and provide advice on transitioning our website analytics to GA4.  KOA undertook this work efficiently and effectively, providing valuable insights and actional recommendations for consideration.  The team was easy to work with and responsive, met all timelines and provided high quality work.

Kelly Barns
Director, Strategy and Operations
Wellbeing SA

It really is exciting to not only see Ignite grow but also the CulturAlchemy brand as it becomes more well known. KOA Digital really have been an absolute delight to work with. A huge thanks for helping us navigate our way through and for your incredible flexibility. I think this is something we can all be proud of.

Jayne Dunn
Co-Founder & Director

“When we started our business, we were pretty much novices, so having KOA’s expertise has been amazing. It’s been really handy to have someone to ask ‘what should we do.’ Having that service behind you is invaluable. you need someone who knows what they’re doing.”

Kara Parrington
Finance Broker
Parrington Finance

Amanda and the KOA team are brilliant to work with. They will always do what it takes to get the best possible outcome. Cannot recommend them enough!

Bianca Hackman
General Manager

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Your personal consultant in your corner to help you get clear on your business and marketing goals.

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Make the most of Federal Government Funding with our Adelaide SME Consulting Program.

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Grow your social channels into profitable communities. We mastered social media so you don’t have to!

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