Email Marketing & Automation – Lead Generation

Many Australian companies are beginning to leverage marketing automation as an efficient way to deliver engaging content to existing and new customers. The days of blasting the same message to the masses and hoping it sticks, are over. Consumers demand more sophisticated communication, engagement and nurturing at the time when they are ready to hear it and on a device they want to consume it.

At KOA Digital, we create campaigns that build an engaged database.

Think of this asset as a home for your brand advocates and potential sales.
These campaigns generally look somewhat like this: 

Consider your client database is an effective short and long-term marketing asset.

Our Process

Here is a better idea of our hands-on setting up and automation process:

What’s Next ?

Nurture, Nurture, Nurture.

Once the building of the database is done, an automated nurturing sequence builds upon the original lead bait offer. Prospects are added to your database for general, ongoing nurturing/marketing.

Let’s discuss how to best implement or improve a marketing automation solution for your business.