Social Media Management

Social Media is an ever-evolving marketing tool that is free for you to leverage, providing effective local and global brand reach. Once you’ve established your brand and have an engaged audience you can leverage the paid advertising feature to build your brand awareness even further. Our experience & expertise in all things social, allows us to offer a recurring monthly Social Media Management Service. This includes the creation and posting of unique content and the management of top social media channels including Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn. 

We understand that you are busy running your business, so adding the responsibility of managing a successful social media strategy to your ‘to-do list’ can be time-consuming, distracting and expensive. 


To achieve your objectives, KOA Digital offers services and strategies that: 

What To Expect

With our expert and holistic social media management services, you can expect content informed by your SEO audit.

We guarantee that continued efforts will:

You can expect localised relevant content across the different social platforms as well as community interaction to nurture your followers. Remember, each follower is a brand advocate and a potential sale. We can set up a package according to your budget to maximise your social channel success. 

Get in touch, and we can discuss the best social media strategy to achieve your business objectives.