12 Easy Ways To Grow Your Email List

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A strong email list is still the most cost efficient and effective way to grow your sales in 2019. Digital marketing spans across a broad section of the internet from social media to Google Ads and content creation. It’s really hard to know where to focus, especially if you’re short on resources (and let’s be honest, who isn’t).

If you only focus on these two digital activities for the rest of this year, you’ll be heading in the right direction to grow your business and remove some decision fatigue. The first activity is content creation and second is to grow your email list, by using these 12 easy techniques I’ve explained below. Don’t forget to tell me which one’s you like the most by leaving a comment below.

1. Give them content they’ll love

If your emails are full of content that isn’t relevant to your audience’s needs, or content that’s written in an unappealing, boring way, they’ll probably unsubscribe sooner rather than later. Make sure that your email marketing content is so entertaining, interesting or helpful that not only do your subscribers open each one to read it – they also forward it to friends and family, who then hopefully will also find it interesting and useful, and subscribe themselves.

2. Trade Content For Email Addresses

Offering a valuable white paper, online resource or eBook in exchange for an email address is a common way to build an email marketing list – and the reason it’s so common is that it works. The best part about investing time in creating valuable content is that you only need to do it once and it will keep serving you in the future.

3. Hold an online contest

Try a giveaway or some other attractive offer, and have people enter by giving you their email address. A simple landing page will do the trick, then cross promote your contest on your social channels.

4. Ask your Facebook fans to subscribe

Adding an email ‘sign-up’ call to action, as a custom tab on Facebook will get the ball rolling. If you need help setting it up simply click this link Facebook custom tab settings.

5. Collect email addresses offline

Ask people to sign up at trade shows or in your store. You’ll be amazed at how quickly the numbers stack up.

6. Ask your current subscribers to share & forward

Include social media sharing buttons in each email you send, as well as an “Email to a Friend” button, to make it easy to spread the word. And be sure you’re also including a “Subscribe” button, so that all those new readers have an easy way to opt-in.

7. Use paid search ads

Link these ads to a landing page asking people to sign up for your email newsletter. Remember not to overextend yourself and only bid small amounts of money while you optimise your campaign. 

8. Add value on relevant sites & groups

Find websites and online publications based in your area, like your local news. Remember your audience has other interests as well as your product or service. Be active on these sites, posting comments and taking part in forum discussions – and include a link to an email sign-up landing page in your signature or profits

9. Reach out to online influencers

It’s one thing to get one person’s email address. It’s another to get the email address of a person with a huge audience. If you can get even just one or two bloggers with a large following to sign up for your newsletter, you’ll be much more likely to get a mention on their blogs every once in a while – which puts you in front of entirely new audiences.

10. Create a Facebook offer

Promote an offer on Facebook that people can only claim by giving you their email addresses. If you need a hand to set this up, please shoot me an email.

11. Host your own offline events

Hold meet-ups or conferences for which you gather email addresses as part of the registration. Now don’t fall at the last hurdle and forget to add the new addresses to your database 😉

12. Leverage YouTube

In your YouTube videos, include a call to action card with a link to where viewers can sign up for your newsletter. And don’t forget to put that same link in the video’s description, as well.

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