5 Easy Ways To Organically Grow Your Email List


No matter what kind of business you own if you’ve got a website or a blog, building your email list is key to growing sales!

When people opt-in to your email list it’s because they’re interested in what you have to offer. This is really going to improve your conversion rate. For example, my business converts 10 times better through email than what it does for my social campaign. So saying that here are my five easy ways to organically grow your email list!

1. Create Great Content – Be undeniable to your audience. You want to give them entertaining, informative or information that meets their needs.

2. Offer something of value in exchange for an email address – So get into your head and pull out some of that value and put it down in an e-book or a tutorial or an infographic and ask your audience for their email in exchange.

3. Leverage your social media channels – You’ve already invested so much time and energy into these channels so you want to take your fans from a social platform and bring them over to your email list. Now Facebook make this really easy by offering a little sign-up button, that you can add to your Facebook page.

4. Ask your subscribers to share your email with their friends – Make it easy for them by putting a little link or a sign-up button in your email and ask them to send it out to a friend that they think will get value from your content. 

5. Collect emails offline –  If you’re doing events where you have a point of sale. Always collect participant emails and add them to your database.

You’ll be amazed at how quickly they actually add up. I’m Amanda from KOA Digital and if you found this video helpful, then please give me a big thumbs up. And for what is your marketing tips and tricks make sure you subscribe to our Channel.

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