How To Use Video To Increase Sales & Build Brand Awareness

video strategy

Video is not new, however a lot of businesses and brands still aren’t using it as part of their marketing strategy. Organically we grew the Mazarine Aqua YouTube Channel to over 2 million views which led to a lot of free website traffic!

Using video to increase business sales and build brand awareness, if done correctly, is effective and affordable and in this article we’ll take you through step by step, what you need to do to create engaging video which compels your customers to take action.

Why Use Video

In case you are still unconvinced that your business needs a video strategy than listen up.

Video is here to stay and by 2021 Video will make up 82 percent of all internet traffic, up from 73 percent in 2016, according to forecasts recently released by Cisco, which sells networking equipment.

Getting in front of your ideal clients will take some creative and authentic videos but it doesn’t have to cost an exorbitant amount of cash or time.

On a shoestring budget we did it for Mazarine Aqua and enjoyed over 2 million organic views which resulted in 20% of our website traffic.

What Type Of Video Should You Create?

B2B marketers have endless video options, so let’s narrow it down to a few types, that will be effective for your business and target audience.

Firstly, identify your target audience, what they watch, where they watch it and what they are interested in (for more information on establishing your customer persona’s click here).

For Adelaide Businesses majority of executives are regularly checking LinkedIn and looking for industry thought leaders. This would be a great place to post a Q&A video about your product or service. Length is important, so remember to keep it under two minutes.

Customer testimonials are super effective on your website, ask your happy clients if they will give you a short reference about why they loved working with you.

A regular video blog or Vlog with entertaining or informative content about your product and industry will establish you as a leader in your space. Creating a video vlog doesn’t need to be expensive or overly produced, our research has proven that the most engaging content is filmed on your phone, in vertical format. Just make sure that you have good sound with either a external microphone or simply use your headphone mic.

Product / service demo videos are a very effective way to demonstrate how your product meets the needs of potential clients, it’s also a good way to communicate without coming off too salesy. Video length as well as sound quality will contribute to the success of your video. Data tells us the shorter is always better, anywhere from a snackable 6 second story to 2 minute 30 second product demo video. 

Repurpose Your Content!

With your video created, edited and ready to post ensure you put it on the appropriate channel for it’s length and target audience. Instagram & Facebook stories will do well with your snackable content. Your customer testimonials should be placed on your website as well as on your LinkedIn page. Vlogs can go to YouTube, your website and social pages, you can cut it down to a short grab with a call to action to view the full video on website. Ensure you direct views to the appropriate landing page and play the video automatically. Remember every additional click will increase your drop off rate.

Review Results & Recreate Videos Based on Your Objectives

Now that your video is out in the world, keep an eye on it. Is it slow to take off or is it getting good initial traction? When you are first starting, don’t expect your content to go viral, it takes time to build your audience but it’s essential to regularly review results and recreate the content that is doing well with your audience. 

Depending on your objectives e.g. content engagement, video views, link clicks, website visit and ultimately sales you’ll see what your audience is responding to. Take note of the successful video content, the time you are posting, the copy & cover image, recreate what is working and don’t be afraid to repost popular content on different channels with different copy at a later date. I mean it’s good content and thanks to ever changing algorithms there’s always some of your target audience who hasn’t seen it. 

Finally always remember your objectives and why you are creating video in the first place. If it’s not meeting your objectives switch things up, get creative and have some fun with it.