Top 5 Digital Strategy Tips for Adelaide Businesses in 2019

digital marketing tips for adelaide businesses

There is so much opportunity for Adelaide businesses to grow with good digital marketing. With the right digital strategy and commitment to resourcing your digital marketing team correctly, your ability to attain new customers is unlimited.

At KOA Digital HQ we collated the top 5 digital strategy tips that will ensure your digital game is on point in 2019.

1. Determine your digital marketing objectives

Get clear on what you are trying to achieve and how you are going to measure it. Most mid-sized businesses are trying to improve market share, increase brand awareness and increase revenue.

The three best ways to grow sales are increase customer spend, increase total customers and increase returning customer rate. If you can improve any or all of these metrics, even by 10%, you are on your way to positive business growth.

2. Define & understand your target audience

You would be amazed at how little Adelaide businesses know about their audience. If you don’t know who is buying your products or services how do you reach them online? You need to delve into their interests, where they shop, what they read and what social channels they use, without this data you’re relying on the expensive ‘spray and pray’ method.

Break down your target audience and place them into segments or groups. These could be based on age, shopping habits, life stages, location but no matter which way you cut it, your audience wants targeted and relevant communication from your business.

3. Establish your brand messages to meet the needs of your audience

Once you have broken your audience into relevant customer segments, show them respect by crafting your brand messages to appeal to their unique needs and wants.

For example, Mum’s who are time poor will love you for providing them with time saving products and services. Be that business that speaks the language of your intended audience.

4. Choose which social channel you will focus on and create channel appropriate content

Nobody has the time or the budget to nail every social channel or digital platform, pick a few and then win it. Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Read It, Kora, Twitter or WeeChat, choose the social channel popular with your target audience and communicate your brand messages.

Each social channel has its own tips, tricks and hacks – get obsessed with learning how your chosen channel works and follow others who are doing it well.

Create content that is optimised for channel. In 2019 Instagram & Facebook stories are crucial for brand digital marketers. Get comfortable with vertical video that is best practice for these platforms.

When creating content keep in mind it should be either entertaining or informative. Engage your audience with fun polls, GIFs and relevant content.

5. Review and analyse results against your objectives and build on what works

The best part of digital marketing is that a return on investment can be determined for every dollar invested. Start by setting small budgets while testing your messages and content, once you have established a good sample size review your results. Create, test, learn, optimise and repeat. Don’t be precious about dumping ideas and content that don’t work, move fast and learn quickly but never spray and pray!

If your Adelaide business needs help establishing a digital marketing strategy or refining an existing strategy, send us a message, we’ll be happy to have a chat.