How WordPress Website Design & Development Is Evolving

Websites today are evolving as fast as fashion trends. With no-code DIY templates disrupting the scene, almost anyone can design their own website, but can you compete with the best of the best? To answer this question, a professional WordPress Website Design & Development agency is your best bet.

Let’s take a closer look at why the pros are so good at what they do and how their skills will be upgraded in the near future to produce amazing websites!


A quick scan of the past ten years will already reveal significant growth in website design and development. Traditionally, website developers are the ones who code actual websites to your specific requirements, while designers focus solely on aesthetics and functionality. The growing trend is that these roles are becoming blurred, and more and more website builders are upskilling themselves to be able to take on both roles. With this evolving to greater heights in the near future, website users and clients can expect more exciting products and technical expertise, not to mention faster turn-around times.

To see some examples of how design blends with this customisable, practical approach, take a look at the websites we developed for Dr JC Hodge and Akera Partners, which are very professional but also unique to each company’s brand identity.


Striking the right balance between the wow factor and minimalistic elegance is not easy, but It’s often what makes for great design in a website. What we can look forward to as WordPress website design and development progresses into the future is better accessibility, more video backgrounds, enhanced e-commerce functionality and the rise in popularity of chatbots. Also, expect more impressive themes and drag-and-drop web builders that allow ease of use so that creativity can flow!

Take a look at these impressive website designs we put together for Littlegren and Uncharted Leadership that display artistic design elements that bring each site to life.



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